Our Story

Natty Sockkeep & Co. is a brand inspired by classic American-Northeastern style and timeless southern charm. Our quality socks and clothing capture enduring preppy looks with colors, patterns and designs influenced by vintage ivy league and leisure lifestyle. Customers feel great and look great with natty delight, feet first.

Natty Sockkeep & Co. was created in 2019 out of a love for fashionable socks and timeless clothing styles. With a belief that looking good makes a person feel good, our socks and clothing is designed and selected with this notion in mind. We are a family business that aspires to not just become a recognizable brand, but a lifestyle that can be enjoyed by all.

Natty Sockkeep & Co. is symbolised by a natty dressed gentleman, wearing horizontally striped socks, cuffed pants and carrying a weekender bag. Our logo represents quality and style, looking and feeling good, and an ejoyable lifestyle for all. You will primarily find our logo in a distinct navy or white color. 

Our name was created to be unique and memorable. Natty is an adjective that describes a person or an article of clothing as smart and fashionable. Sockkeep is a play on the word shopkeep or shopkeeper, which means a person who owns a shop or small store. With a one of a kind brand name, quality logo, vision and faith, and the support of family and friends; we are excited about the future of Natty Sockkeep & Co..